Vitaly Mikhailov

Off to the Soviet Army

Vitali, his wife Marina, their two children – Anastasia and Pavel.
Vitali and his wife Marina
in the Netherlands

His Childhood

Vitaly's Artwork
Vitali, Marina and Han a
trip to Holland.

Vitaly Mikhailov was born in the Soviet Union on October 25, 1969. At the age of one year his mother Larissa and father Slava were divorced.  His mother and uncle Valera raised him and he enjoyed a happy childhood.  He now has his own family and his children bring him great joy and inspiration for his creative works. 

During his youth, his teachers noted a unique artistic talent displayed in his everyday homework illustrations, which were self-motivated.  He also liked participating in school plays from early childhood. The subsequent encouragement he received from his family and teachers fueled his desire to be an artist.  He has carried this trait to present and has also acquired a rigid work ethic in his easel painting. 

After graduating from the Radio Mechanical Technical Institute, “Vitali” started his compulsory service in the Soviet Army. (Pictured on left are his mother and uncle sending him off to the service). Officers were quick to recognize his artistic talent. The military enrolled him in the Moscow Public Art Institute.  He was assigned to headquarters to draw maps.  This way he had time for his studies and to train his artistic talents. After his mandatory two years in the military, he continued his studies while working as a Set Designer at the Chernigiv Youth Theater.  He earned a bachelors’ degree in Fine Art Easel Painting and another bachelors’ degree in Education (1986-1990).

Vitaly graduated first in his class and received an appointment to the prestigious Kharkov Art and Industrial Academy.  He continued studies there from 1991 until 1999 when he graduated.  He completed and received masters’ degrees in Art Education, Graphic Design, Easel Painting, Anatomy/Zoology, and Restoration. 

He then continued toward his doctorates degrees in Fine Art Easel Painting and Art Education.  He completed in each subject one hundred hours past his masters degrees. Before he finished his two theses’, while a doctorial candidate, his mother became very ill and he went home to care for her.  His mother passed away in 2003, after a prolong illness. The Advance Studies University in Kyiv granted him an extension to complete his two theses for his doctorates.  Vitaly now has two young children and as they get older he will be able to complete his two theses’.

Vitaly was commissioned by many companies such as Lucent Technologies to create artwork for their corporate offices in Ukraine.

While creating these works for Lucent Technologies, Vitaly met his wife, Marina Sergeeva, who was at that time the Public Relations Director for Lucent in Ukraine.   They were married and had two children together Anastasia and Pavel.

Vitaly also has helped to raise Marina’s son, Stas, from her first marriage.  Stas now attends the Saint Petersburg Institute of Economics, Law and Political Science.  Stas and Vitaly have formed a very close bond.  Vitaly draws great strength from his “three children” and his wife Marina.  Vitaly and Marina maintain a home near Kyiv and a row house (town house) in Moscow.  Pictured left are Vitaly his wife Marina when they spent their honeymoon in the Netherlands.

Mikhailov has a great appreciation for the late 18th and 19th century styles of art and art restoration, but he follows in the footsteps of the Renaissance Masters.  He speaks his native Ukraine language as well as Russian and French.


He has painted many images of French and Parisian lifestyles, as well as the French coast and countryside. Parisian scenes, coastal images (especially of the Bay of Biscay region), as well as the Loire Valley’s rolling hills, chateaus, and vineyards have been and will continue to be a place of solace for him.

Ah, but Vitaly has spent much time in the Netherlands, his favorite of the European countries, studying the works of the masters from the Flemish and Flanders Schools of Art.

Pictured right is Vitaly, his wife Marina, and one of their friends, Han with his daughter, while they were on one of their trips to Holland.  Pictured on the left are Vitaly and Marina, and their two children Anastasia and Pavel.

Vitali’s ability to put himself into the time of the renaissance has allowed him to create classical works that have a style of their own as well as works that are, let us say, more obtuse.  Vitali’s figurative works have received great acclaim. Many people and institutions have commissioned him to bring their photographs to life on canvas with his brushes and oil paint.

Vitali has done work for the Art Museum of Zaporazhyl and the Art Museum of Dneproptrosk. His artwork is collected worldwide by individuals businesses and public entities. He has and will continue to exhibit his works in Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Israel, Canada, and The United States. He is known for the quality of his artwork as well as the wonderful human spirit he impregnates in every piece of art he creates. “Vitali” has got the heart and the soul that reflects the spirit of the people in his native country of Ukraine.

Vitali Mikhailov’s ability to create his paintings in almost any style and with any subject matter makes him uniquely versatile.  He is a true renaissance artist following in the footsteps and going beyond the artists of the 15th and 16th centuries.

Vitali’s paintings are in many prominent collections. Included are:

United States
Naval Academy Museumm

Annapolis, Maryland 
Great Lakes Naval
Training Center Museum

Great Lakes, Illinois
U.S.S. John Paul Jones

San Diego, California - Home Port
Kansas City Design Center
Kansas City, Missouri
Renaissance Hotel Executive Offices
Las Vegas, Nevada
Silver Slipper Dance Hall
Las Vegas, Nevada

Muller Engineering Corp.
Lakewood, Colorado

City of Sycamore Municipal Center
Sycamore, Illinois
Schaumburg - One Percent For Art Committee
Schaumburg, Illinois
Washington Council on the Arts
Washington, Pennsylvania
Other Collections
  • Cleveland Clinic/Omni Hotel
    Cleveland, Ohio

  • 3-G Petroleum Corporation
    Midland, Texas

  • Garcia Development & Construction
    Palm Springs, California

  • Atol Real Estate Corporation
    Tver, Russia

  • Ministry of Cultural Affairs
    British Embassy, Washington D.C

  • The Water’s Edge
    City Island, New York

  • Lucent Technologies
    Kyiv, Ukraine

  • St. Francis Catholic Church
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • G.M.P. Metal Products
    St. Louis, Missouri

  • Art Across Arkansas Project
    North Little Rock, Arkansas

  • Lou Valle North
    Fine Art Collection. Leawood, Kansas

  • Ischiev Musse and Galerie
    St. Petersburg, Russia

  • Green Acres Country Club
    Golf Professional
    Northbrook, Illinois

  • William J. Clinton Presidential
    Library and Museum
    Little Rock, Arkansas

  • Ambassador of Czech Republic
    Czech Republic Embassy
    Washington, D.C.

  • Consulate General of Ukraine
    Chicago, Illinois
  • Central Customs Facility
    Tver Region, Russia
  • Atol Real Eastate Corporation
    Tver Region, Russia
  • Good Start Foundation
    Tver Region, Russia
  • Tver Region Conservatory of Music   
    Tver , Russia
  • Khabarovsk EVGO Corporation
     Khabarovsk Region, Russia
  • Chernigiv Rejuvenation Salón
    Chernigiv, Ukraine
  • "Free Modern Russian Art Foundation"
    Berlin, Germany

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