The Artist

Andrey Rudun
Sensitivity in Nature

Andrey Rudun was born in 1974 in the Ukraine Region of the Soviet Union. During his formative years, Andrey’s parents encouraged him to have friends and family teach him easel painting, as many of the family members were and are accomplished artists.  After some tutoring, his painting became his quiet and serine time. He then began to take walks in the forests and glens. These walks provided him solace from the regimented school life in the Soviet Union.  It did not matter to him whether it was winter or summer; his commune with nature had become a driving force in his life. As he became older, he started to read scripture, early religious writings, and philosophical writings.  The friends and family that were instructing him in his easel painting were able to obtain a variety of books and writings that were different from the required reading at school.

Andrey became a shy and sensitive person and he turned increasingly to his art. The philosophies expressed in his readings were not accepted by his society. Coupled with the tumultuous times of the 1980s and early 1990s in the Soviet Union and his spiritual thoughts, Andrey sought solace. This led to his reclusive behavior and increased his ability to express his emotions on his canvas.  After finishing school, he secured a position as an electrician in a factory. This allowed him to earn an income, while he pursued his beloved painting.  His works reflect nature and the harmony of  “God’s World.” 
Many of Andrey’s works include a modern symbol in his natural world. An airplane, a car or truck, or boat is a symbol of himself. He is inserting himself into his works of harmony with the natural and spiritual world.

His Landscapes

His Seascapes

Andrey believes that the modern world is part of the world not an invader. These symbols blend into his artwork and are not alien to it.  Andrey’s early art training in easel painting has given him balance and a way to express himself.  Andrey has been able to support himself through the sale of his artwork and no longer relies on his work as an electrician.

His works are sold in galleries in Kyiv, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Chicago, New York, and other dealers in the United States.  Andrey believes that his ability to speak through his paintings is a gift bestowed upon him. He has dedicated his life to his art and endeavors to present his thoughts and dreams to the world through his work; He also continues his reading of the works of the great minds of literature.  His thoughts and inner sole are included in his works that he presents to world.