The Artist

Viktoria Pikunova
Flowers and Landscapes

Victoria Pikunova was born in the former Soviet Union on October 12, 1967. After the completion of her primary education, she enrolled in the Leningrad School of Art in Russia, since renamed as the St. Petersburg School of Art.

It is one of the most prestigious schools in Eastern Europe. She graduated from this institution in 1985. Viktoria is well versed in many fine art mediums, however she specializes in easel painting.

She has participated in many exhibitions in Europe as well as the United States. Viktoria’s rigid work ethic for her professional career, instilled in her childhood, has aided in her development as a floral and landscape artist, which incorporates her soft and gentle personality.

She spends her time, while not painting, raising her daughter and providing comfort for disadvantaged children.

Viktoria’s gentle demeanor is fully demonstrated in her work with orphans and searches to find them suitable homes. Her bubbly and enthusiastic personality, combined with her kind and sensitive nature has put her to the forefront of endeavors in her region.

Her Beautiful Flowers