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Street Scenes


Sergey Chursanov
Landscapes and Street Scenes

Born on November 6, 1961 in the village of Gremjachie, Voronezh Region, Russia, Soviet Union.  Chursanov spent his childhood exploring the banks of the Don River and hiking the countryside of his homeland. Sergey kept to himself, but enjoyed the company of a few close friends.

It was his choice to take sojourns by himself through the glens and woods of the countryside. He learned great discipline by observing the natural world. This led him to sculpting wildlife from a compound known as plasticine in Russia. He then turned his attention to wild animals that he had seen in the zoo or had scene in various magazines and books. As with most boys he also sculpted and built models of soldiers, cannons and other military armaments. He once sculptured a bust of Lenin.

His grandmother took it to his school with the great pride of Sergey’s accomplishment, but the director refused it, because of a law that prohibited the sculpture of any likeness of Lenin without special Communist Party permission. Sergey had studied Aikito from the age of six years and by seventeen, he had attained the status of Sensei. After completing secondary school, Sergey entered Art College and studied painting; he then graduated from The Moscow Textile Design Institute. His first position after college was that of painting scenes and figures on the lacquer boxes produced in Russia.

During the period of Perastroyka in Russia, he painted many Matryoshka Dolls, Lacquer boxes and broaches. After this, he worked with textiles as a designer. Sergey, then took a position as the assistant director of one of the Good Start Foundation Homes outside of Moscow. He found his work with disabled and disadvantaged children rewarding.

During his time with different positions, he continued with his painting that gives him such great solace. His martial arts kept his discipline and commitment to nature. In the past years, Sergey has committed more of his time to painting and has created a style of brush and palette knife work; that allows him to create his unique works. For a diversion, he works in gold and silver jewelry.

Sergey has found a quite and calmness with his wife, Olga, and his sons Alexander and Artim. Sergey is a person of many disciplines. His soul is of a soldier, his heart is with nature, his spirit is that of the oneness of the universe, and his nature is good hearted and kind. This is reminiscent of the legendary “ Paladin “, a warrior monk.

He portrays his simple truth on canvas, through a spiritual oneness with all the universe. Each stroke is from deep within. An inner peace and joy comes through to all, who leave themselves open to experience his passion for life. Sergey invites you to feel and experience his thoughts and feelings through his paintings.

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